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Data Science

Data Science

Combining Data Science with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we can now analyze millions of user data available to predict risk assessment, potential fraudulent behavior, customer analysis, clinical lab reports or, energy consumption model.

Here at New IT Nest, we take care of the need of all working professionals, fresh graduates, and students of Data Science covering job-critical topics like Python programming, Machine Learning algorithms, Data Visualization in great detail via our interactive learning model with live sessions, practical labs by highly skilled Faculties.

Breadth of the Course: The comprehensive curriculum that we offer not only prepares our aspirants with the basic knowledge of Python, Relational DataBase, and SQL but also gives an idea of Statistics and Probability in the numerical operations like in Pandas.

Practical Experience: Since Data Science is learned through Programming Languages like Python and Queries of SQL, the learning experience must include a thorough Practical in hand practice, which is why New IT Nest provides in-depth practical programming classes.

Solving Real Life Problems: It can be real easy to present students with curated and clean data sets with minimum to no surprises but that doesn’t reflect real life challenges. So, during our Data Science training we always try to provide assignments inspired from Real life problems to our candidates.

Training our Students as per the demand of their respective fields

Our Data Science Course curriculum is structured keeping in mind of working professionals in:

Finance industry: where the essential factors regarding Risk assessment, monitoring, customer data analysis

Healthcare industry: where Smart wearables for tracking and detecting health conditions have been possible by applying Deep Learning to data science

Travel Industry: forecasting of the behavior of travelers and offering them personalized experiences according to their needs

Pharma companies: often resort to Data Science in order to build perfect their calculations of the potential success or failure of the clinical trials

Manufacturing industry: is utilizing data scientists to prevent maintenance to troubleshoot potential future equipment issues

Data Science Course Curriculum

  • Python Libraries including Pandas, NumPy
  • Relational DBMS and SQL Query
  • Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra Basics
  • OOP Basic

Your Reason For Choosing Us

  • Faculty Student Ratio:-We understand that whether you are a student or, working Professional, every individual has their specific needs to properly get a strong grasp on the subject. To ensure that we maintain a very healthy number of faculties for our aspirants.
  • Getting Industry Ready:- With the help of our various Career events conducted by our professionals and various Tech firms throughout the span of the course we will prepare you for the present day challenge the IT Industry will present you with.
  • Our Tech Community and Global Presence:- We collaborate with the Industry’s leading firms Amazon, IBM, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, DELL, Wipro with to create comprehensive Workshops for our learners during their Data Science course hours.


Be it Finance, Healthcare, Travel Industry, Energy or, Pharmaceuticals, today Data Science has become an inseparable part of Big business and industry. Needless to say, Data Science has been quite an attractive career option for many tech and non-tech aspirants lately.

Some of the organizations that are looking for Data Science experts are Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, IBM, Apple, and Infosys.

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