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Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Data Visualization has helped to put Complex ideas, data, and information represented in the form of Charts or, Graphs which have always made it easier for Businesses and analysts to get a detailed and overall view of any statistics.

Whether you are an Intern, an MBA-Graduate or, a Working-professional, you can find the perfect course for learning Data Visualization just fit for your need at New IT Nest.

Scope of the Data Visualization Course: New IT Nest offers both Tableau Tutorial and Power BI tutorial for Data Visualization. Tableau helps to create interactive graphs and charts in the form of Dashboards. Students can also learn Power BI which is a cloud-based business analytics service. Power bi Desktop, Power BI Service, and Power BI Gateway are all parts of this service.

Practical Knowledge along with Theoretical Concepts: During their jobs or, even during the Industrial internships students have to perform hands on assignments on Data Visualization by creating Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Scatter Plot, Histogram from real life data. That’s why New IT Nest primarily focuses on Practical expertise along with theoretical ideas to guide our aspirants.

New IT Nest Industrial Coaching: The Data Visualization tools that interns have to work within the industry are Tableau (which is a widely-used visualization tool. It’s a software package that can connect with Excel files, text and larger scale databases). A good grasp on Power BI is also something New IT Nest provides to its aspirants. Data visualization specialists work in companies working with big data analytics and other areas that involve processing extremely large and complex data sets. We along with our partners AMAZON, IBM, CAPGEMINI, Tech Mahindra, DELL, Wipro design workshops for our students to create Charts, Graphs, Trees, maintaining user friendly Dashboards with various Industrial assignments.

A Complete Guidance according to the Specific Needs of the job market

Data Visualization engineers work in IT Firms, Big Data Analytics Companies, Stocks and Forex markets, and Social Media giants

  • Statistics Analytics firms where vast amounts of uncategorized and non-clustered data are put in the forms of Diagram, Matrix, Flowchart to forecast Trading results.
  • Stock markets where graphs and charts based on big data clusters are presented to predict the constantly changing market directions.
  • Satellite Weather Reporting firms always require Data visualization engineers.
  • A good knowledge in SQL, Java, Python and being able to work on Power BI and Tableau can land aspirants as a Data Analytics engineer in.
  • Business Intelligence Analysts in Banks or, Automation firms where one focuses on data analysis and business reporting. Analyze business requirement and develop functional specifications for building reports, dashboards, models, and tools to analyze data, report, and present operations-related data to monitor power usage.

Data Visualization Course Curriculum

  • Creating various charts for data visualization
  • Data transformation techniques
  • Using Power BI analytical tools like Power BI Service, Power BI Gateway for business insights
  • Analyzing & Interpretation of the Graphs, Charts and Diagrams for effective decision making
  • Building Dashboards, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Scatter Plot, Histogram
  • Data Visualization Tableau
  • Data Visualizations using Drag and Drop techniques
  • Filters
  • Drill UP and Down
  • Forecasting
  • Trending Lines and Clustering
  • Forming Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Scatter Plot, Histogram

What makes us one of the Data Visualization Training Institutes in London?

Our Faculties: We make sure that whether you are a student or, working Professional, every aspirant gets individual attention during the course span. Our faculties make it easier for you to learn with ease providing individual care and doubt clearing sessions for all your queries.

Making students industry-ready: For industrial work, students require experience to work on Power BI Embedded, Power BI Gateway, Power BI Server and Tableau Online, Tableau Reader, and Tableau server. Here at New IT Nest, we try to make sure at every step that our graduates are ready for field applications in Data Visualization industries like Market Forecast, Big Business Analysis firms.

Our Tech Community and Global Presence: We collaborate with the Industry’s leading firms like Amazon, IBM, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, DELL, and Wipro to create comprehensive Workshops for our learners during their Data Visualization course hours. We help our students to Design, Build and Implement their own Data Visualization Projects.


Data Visualization Specialist, Research Assistant, Graphic Designer, Business Intelligence Analyst are the fields that most Data Visualization engineers work in. Financial trading firms, Banks, Stock markets, Global Reporting firms hire Data Visualization engineers.

Some of the organizations currently hiring Data Visualization engineers are Apple, Sales Force, NASA Jet Propulsion, and Nike.

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