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DevOps today is an integral part of almost all next generation industries like Online financial trading, Network cycling, Aviation, Smart car manufacturing, IT Software development and more, making it one of the most sought-after courses for many aspirants these days.

Whether you are a student or a Working-professional, you can find the perfect course for learning DevOps at New IT Nest.

  • Scope of the DevOps Course: New IT Nest offers both (Azure - DevOps) and (AWS – DevOps). The Azure DevOps training will help our aspirants to get hold of creating a free tier Azure account, creating a web app service using Azure Portal Creating and deploying ARM templates, Managing Azure Storage account using Storage Explorer and many more with AWS DevOps Training. Students will learn programming languages like Python, Perl along the way to learn DevOps.
  • Practical Knowledge along with Theoretical Concepts: During their jobs or, even during the Industrial internships students have to perform hands on assignments on DevOps by either using Python, PERL or, JavaScript. A thorough practice in Coding languages for excelling in AWS DevOps and Azure DevOps is provided here in New IT Nest.
  • New IT Nest Industrial Coaching: DevOps require aspirants in jobs likeDocumentation, Systems analysis (to analyse the technology currently being used and processes for improvement and expansion), Development (to develop, code, build, install, configure, and maintains IT solutions. Project planning, Testing (Testing code, processes, and deployments to identify ways to minimize errors), maintenance, and troubleshooting. Keeping that in mind New IT Nest and our partners like Amazon, Wipro, Tech Mahindra have designed quality workshops for our students to make them placement ready.

A Complete Guidance according to the Specific Needs of Candidates

DevOps trainees often end up in fields like Online Financial Trading Company, Network Cycling, Bug Reduction Developer Firms, Software Development IT firms

Online Financial Trading Company: The methodology in the process of testing, building, and development was automated in the financial trading company. Using DevOps, deployment was being done within 45 seconds, which used to take long nights and weekends for the employees earlier. The time of the overall process reduced and the interest of clients increased.

DevOps in Network cycling: where Deployment, testing, and rapid designing became ten times faster. It became effortless for the telco service provider to add patches of security every day, which used to be done only every three months. Through deployment and design, the new version of network cycling was being rolled out.

Application in Car Manufacturing Industries: where, using the DevOps, to help car manufacturers to catch the error during production, something not possible before.

Airlines Industries: Where with the DevOps airlines changed to continuous testing standards. It also increased its coverage of code by 85%.

Application to GM Financial: where regression testing time was reduced resulting in reduction of the funding period of load by several times.

Bug Reduction Software developing firms: Dev Ops has reduced the bugs by up to 35% and in many cases of pre-production bugs up to 40%.

Cloud Computing Course Curriculum

Azure DevOps
  • Creating a free tier Azure account
  • Building a Web app service using Azure Portal
  • Create and use ARM templates
  • Manage Azure Storage account using Storage Explorer
AWS DevOps
  • DevOps Methodology
  • Amazon’s DevOps Transformation
  • AWS DevOps Tools
  • Creating the infrastructure code for the environments
  • Building the application to a staging region using Code Pipeline
  • Modifying the application and test the CI/DC process

What sets us apart as the Best Cloud Training Institute in London?

  • Our Faculties: We make sure that whether you are a student or, working Professional, every aspirant gets individual attention during the course span. Our faculties make it easier for you to learn with ease providing individual care and doubt clearing sessions for all your queries.
  • Stepping into the Industry: Closing the gap between course curriculum and real life industrial implementations is what sets us apart. For industrial work students require experience to work on DevOps Azure and DevOps AWS. Here at New IT Nest, we try to make sure at every step that our graduates are ready for field applications in any industry Online financial trading, Network cycling, Aviation, Smart car manufacturing, IT Bug Testing Software development firms.
  • Our Tech Community and Global Presence: We collaborate with the Industry’s leading firms Amazon, IBM, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, DELL, Wipro with to create comprehensive Workshops for our learners during their DevOps course hours. We help our students to Design, Build and Implement their own DevOps Projects.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft AZURE, Automation Firms, Smart Car Manufacturing Companies hire DevOps engineers all around the world.

We partner with AMAZON, IBM, CAPGEMINI, Tech Mahindra, DELL, and Wipro which makes us one of the Best DevOps Training Institutes.

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