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When we are talking about DevOps, we are talking about a philosophy or a mindset which combines IT operations(Ops ) and software development. They are focused to lessen the overall software development time and allow a non-stop delivery of the software which is of superior quality. You should note and understand that DevOps is not a software, not a programming language, and neither a tool. If you are thinking that you will learn DevOps, and call yourself a software engineer then this might not be the perfect choice for you. DevOps will allow your team to be more relaxed than they were ever before as now they no more need to worry about the operational and development of the software. The whole operation will work in a synchronized manner and the end-users will get your features or the product which you want to deliver smoothly. The system of DevOps focuses on the idea of automation, it tends to make the process automatic and hence lessen the workload on your workers.

The philosophy of DevOps will lessen the time that goes into an industry regarding the mismanagement or miscommunication occurring within the Development team and the operational team. In the case of DevOps, both teams have a fair understanding of what is going on with each other and they are always ready to share their ideas and work.

The logo of DevOps is an infinite symbol that symbolizes that the application development is an infinite process which is a combination of a variety of different steps focusing on a common goal of developing a perfect software.

Tools used by DevOps are Docker, Bamboo, Puppet Enterprise, Kubernetes, Ansible, Git, Gradle, Jenkins.

Advantage of DevOps include
  • Development Chances are high
  • Failure rates are less
  • Bug Fixing rate is higher and better
  • Better deployment rate
  • Lessen the marketing time

The reasons you should know about DevOps
  • DevOps is one of the most needed movements that most Industries are looking forward to in their future. They see them as a top priority as they believe that this will pave the way for their growth.
  • They give you freedom from the daily workload and lessen the pressure on your engineers.
  • Learning DevOps is easy but at the same time what is important when you are learning is your knowledge about complex technical glitches and business.
  • Although Learning DevOps is easy and fun but to have a high-level understanding of it you need to go through 2 major projects.
  • DevOps will give you a perfect knowledge which will combine development, QA and operation hence in your career you can act as a bridge between different Branches of Software Development
  • The combined knowledge will provide you a solid platform to excel in the industry.


The need to learn about DevOps is becoming an absolute essential for survival in the IT industry. The freedom that this philosophy provides is an absolute blessing to IT hubs of all scales. Having said all these we should also keep in mind leaning DevOps can only make you successful if you have quality work ethics, determined mindset, and basic knowledge regarding tools, Java, Linux, Unix systems.

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