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Internet of things refers to a system of computing devices that are all interconnected and are provided with UIDs (Unique Identifiers). They have the ability to transfer data without any human interaction to any network. The devices connected in an IoT ecosystem collect data from their environments and send them to the network using communication hardware, processors and sensors. It is gaining popularity across the world at a very fast rate. The entire world is connected through the internet and smartphones, desktops, laptops and health bands. These devices can be used to gain relevant data that can be analysed and visualised for various purposes.

Business Solutions Offered by IoT

Many business problems can be solved by implementing the Internet of Things technology. It can help firms to grow and function more efficiently. Here are some of the most useful business solutions offered by IoT:

1. Precautionary Measures for Natural Calamities

Risks of environmental catastrophes can be foreseen with the help of IoT. The risks of a hurricane or thunderstorm can be reduced by leveraging devices that have data analytical capabilities. This way alerts can be sent to the owners of vehicles to take precautionary measures.

2. Alerts for Vehicle Maintenance

Alerts for vehicle maintenance can be sent to the customers in the logistics department and their satisfaction can be improved as they will be reminded before their vehicle breakdown. Is also prevents customer service from terminating. As a result, customers will enjoy huge profits in revenue.

Uses of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things is used in a variety of products in our day to day life. Here are a few places where IoT is used extensively.

1. Smart Homes

All the devices in a smart home are interconnected with IoT technology. It is the most common use of the Internet of Things.

2. Smart Cities

All aspects of a smart city are interconnected efficiently by the means of IoT technology. Electricity management, traffic management, water distribution and waste management along with other important issues are incorporated into infrastructure requirements with the help of IoT.

3. Self-driven cars

Self-driven cars use several embedded systems and sensors connected to the internet and cloud storage to function efficiently. They use IoT technology and machine learning extensively.

About the course

New IT Nest offers a comprehensive course to interested candidates in the Internet of Things. Over 50 hours of the training program is offered along with several life projects to help the candidates gain practical exposure to the procedure. Our trained faculty members make sure that you have an in-depth understanding of IoT. Apart from practical knowledge, from taking this course you will also learn to answer questions related to IoT during walk-in or online interviews and written tests. For this purpose, along with hands-on training, you will also be supplied with sufficient theoretical resources for a conceptual understanding of the subject. Therefore, signing up for this course is a great idea to help you in your career. It is equally helpful for graduates and industry professionals.

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