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Tableau is one of the most popular data visualisation software in the world. It is very powerful in terms of its functionality and is used vastly in the business intelligence industry. The significance of this software is growing with time as it simplifies raw data and converts it into an easier to understand format. The process of data analysis is very fast as data visualisations are carried out in the form of worksheets and dashboards. The best feature of Tableau is that it makes the results understandable to a layman or a professional from a different background. The customised dashboard makes sure that the user does not find the results difficult to understand.

Features of Tableau

1. Data Blending

One of the most powerful tools that can be used in Tableau, data blending feature is used when multiple data sources contain related data which has to be analysed and viewed together.

2. Real-time Analysis

This feature enables users to understand and analyse dynamic data. Real-time analysis is especially useful while dealing with high-velocity data. Tableau extracts important information from fast-moving data sets and carries out advanced visualisations and interactive analytics on them.

3. Collaboration of Data

Data analytics is a collaborative job and the process requires collaboration among team members. Tableau is created to promote this feature and users can easily share data, forward visualisations, make follow up queries and do all other sorts of operations on data sets. Data collaboration is made extremely easy along with authoring data source and web editing by Tableau.

Learning Tableau Online

Companies nowadays look for knowledge of tableau while hiring employees. It has now emerged as a necessary skill for most data analytics professionals. Learning Tableau can also be useful for you if you are planning on a change in your career. There are various platforms on which you can learn how to operate Tableau. Among them, New IT Nest is very highly rated.

The course offers in-depth knowledge of Tableau Server for managers and Tableau Desktop for developers. This certification program comes with 30 hours of hands-on training and exposure to the software for gaining complete expertise in the field.

The program is designed by keeping in mind industry requirements and sufficient practical exposure is offered. This not only helps in learning the software but also comes as a useful tool in preparing for and acing interviews. The program has several case studies towards the end of the course to strengthen the knowledge and provide practice for a complete learning experience. This hands-on exposure to real-world problems and projects are ideal for preparing students for the corporate world in the field of data analytics.

Therefore, Tableau is the best tool that you can learn to enjoy a successful career in data analytics. Whether you are a graduate fresh out of college or professional planning on a career change, learning tableau will help you a great deal in your long term career goals. Sign up to the Tableau course on New IT Nest and get the best coaching and consulting services.

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