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Chat Bot Ai

Chatbot is one of the smartest and most business-friendly innovations of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning which is taking the biz world by storm while opening relentless opportunities like a continuously increasing reliability on Automatic Customer service 365 days a year.

AI Chatbot is a Service Software built on Deep learning, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to improve Customer Experiences and help customers set and change appointments, track their shipments, or check current wallet balance. AI Chatbots uses machine learning algorithms to ask necessary follow-up questions in order to better understand clients and pass them off to a human executive when required. New IT Nest provides your Firm with our highly customizable Chatbot Service which is an AIchatbot technology that can be custom-designed to fit your business requirements.

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  • Our custom-made AI Chatbots can mimic human conversations with improved messaging functionalities to serve your business customers.
  • With the help of NLP, New IT Nest designed AI Chatbots learn from every conversation and can be trained to improve.
  • New IT Nest can help you build your state-of the art Chatbot Ecosystem to provide Quick replies, solve FAQs in real time, faster and seamless help-desk integration
  • Deflect Repetitive queries in Real time to decrease overhead and maintain traffic flow.
  • Automatic Agent Switchover is another feature of our Chatbot AI which seamlessly hands over to the helpdesk agents if it’s unable to provide any answer to a customer query.
  • Reports-Analytics service is another feature of our AI Chatbot which helps to keep track of the Bot’s performance and optimize it with time to enrich the quality of future conversations.
  • We customize your Chatbot looks and feel according to the vibe and mood of your firm and clients

Why Us?

Our Highly Customizable Services

New IT Nest provides some of the most unique Machine learning services that are designed keeping in mind of the specific requirements of our different clients.

Highly Professional Servicemen

At New IT Nest, we hire some of the best minds in the industry and train them with Industry level professionalism in order to provide our clients the very best in class services that their businesses deserve.

Complete Maintenance Service

Once our clients and their firms are all set up with our set of Services and software, we provide them with our year-long Service schemes to keep things running smoothly. Our clients can opt for our various Maintenance structures to enjoy hassle-free services all year long.

24*7 Helpline Service and Warranty

Our helplines operate 24*7 in order to connect with our clients regarding any issues they face in their systems and our services are all covered under specific and respective warranty period.

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