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Supply Chain Analytics

Analytics has helped transform supply chains in the modern era. Supply chain analytics involves a process where various industries and organizations with different goals and objectives. This process mainly involves the utilization of mathematics, predictive modeling, statistics, and machine-learning techniques for designing and executing a supply chain. At NewITNest, we help organizations to extract the simplest out of their data assets to deal with key supply chain challenges.

NewITNest offers an extensive portfolio of supply chain outsourcing services that assist companies to drive more value across the enterprise. Whether it’s improving stock delivery by better supply planning or decreasing shipment costs by effective logistics management, NewITNest benefits you get results.

NewITNest's advanced supply chain analytics solutions enable you to realize continuous visibility into all supply chain processes to spot inefficiencies, reduce costs, optimize inventory, and make supply chain processes transparent, intelligent, and more data-driven. Moreover, our supply chain analytics solutions are intended to support businesses to recognize unique opportunities within the availability value chain and create additional returns and maximize revenues.

The core aptitudes which are listed under NewITNest's supply chain analytics solutions are as follows,

Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is the ability of business functions from across the organization to become united and align on an individual production plan. NewITNest's S&OP solutions enable business leaders to repeatedly achieve synchronization and alignment among different functions of the organization and make better demand and provide decisions. Our analytical solutions also overcome any bottlenecks our clients may face during the implementation of the S&OP solution and take them under consideration while planning.

Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility is one of the leading sought-after models for the logistics world. NewITNest's advanced supply chain visibility solutions support distribution returns capabilities, and inbound logistics such they enhance inventory management, improve cycle times, and decrease total operating costs.

Supply Chain Digitization

Digitizing the supply chain is that the movement towards a combined sequence of designing and production solutions that employment in tandem to make a more visible supply stream across every touch point of the value chain which results in a more responsive, agile, and transparent supply network that will readily adapt to several industry-wide unknown variables like inventory shortages and availability of resources.

Logistics and Transportation Management

The advanced logistics & transport management systems facilitate the companies to meet the dynamic expectations of customers, maximize the value of technology, incremental delivery costs, and improving logistics management complexities. NewITNest's advanced logistics management solutions equip companies with data-driven, intelligent insights that permit them to lower costs, improve efficiency, and make new possibilities to form genuine breakthroughs within the existing approach to logistics management.

Procurement Analytics

Procurement analytics is the process of applying quantitative methods to obtain actionable insights and results from data.

NewITNest combines extensive domain expertise, analytical capabilities, and technical know-how to deliver profound insights that support deliver procurement excellence. Procurement analytics experts who leverage smart insights are connected immediately to tackle your unique business challenges.

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