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Software Development- DevOps, ERP, CRM

A good idea needs an equally good development strategy. With New IT Nest, build software that supports your business in the best way.

New IT Nest is a leading software development agency in London that provides coding solutions without an exorbitant price tag attached with it. We provide full-cycle software development services starting right from the gradual conceptualization of an idea tothe development, user testing, maintenance, and updates.

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Software Development

Software Development: Develop your brand-new software with our team of highly experienced and agile developers who work, dream, and live for coding!

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance: Maintain your existing software, fix bugs and glitches, update and upgrade, manage hosting, and keep your software out and running to stay relevant, and keep rolling with the ever-changing scenario of the digital world.

Build software suitable for your needs


Database software

Database software help you arrange and maintain all your data in the most useful way. Some of the best database software in the world are: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle RDBMS.


E-commerce systems

Build a strong tool like Shopify to grow your online business.


Management software

Take care of the various aspects of your business with strong and customized data management and streamlining software. Build project management, employee management, digital management, or intellectual data management software with ease.


Word and graphics processing software

Word processors and graphics processing software are highly in-demand right now. Build these pieces of software with New IT Nest and commercialize/utilize them as you see fit.

Solve complex problems with ease and improve your business faster!

  • DevOps: Our engineers will help your firm with Documentation, analyze your Systems (checkthe technology you are currently using and if any room for improvement and expansion), Development (develop, code, build, install, configure, and maintains your IT solutions. We will make plans for your Projects and help you with Testing (Testing code, processes, and deployments to identify ways to minimize your errors), maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP takes care of your day-to-day business activities by organizing and streamlining the whole process. Build your custom ERP systems and watch your business thrive. With the help of ERP, your firm will get an all-in-one view of your business’s weekly activities like accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, and compliance.
  • CRM: CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems are the need of the hour when you’re in a B2C business, especially in the products and services division. We help you formulate a system that works best for you, keeping in mind your unique requirements.

The New IT Nest Advantage

We have a highly experienced team

Great work come from experience. And we have loads of it!

We are experts in latest technology

It is important to keep updating your resources and tools to provide the best outputs.

We provide the best customer support

From the beginning till the very end, industry experts will help you take all major decisions and enrich your experience with their expert advice.

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