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About us

New IT Nest is providing a platform for interested candidates starting from students to professional workers. We believe that if you have an interest in learning skills in IT, which are demanding in the market we can provide you with the best education that will give you new wings to fly high in your career. Our courses and training are infused with quality subjects which are dedicated to making your future stronger and better than ever before. We do a lot of research regarding trending technologies and offer the training to our students. Our courses are designed in such a manner that they will allow us to get a job in the IT industries with ease. Every course that we provide have high demand in industry and one thing we can assure if you learn these courses your effort will never go in vain as these subjects of IT is what more Industries are looking for. We respect your field of interest and hence, we provide you with a list of topics over which you can select the best one suitable for you, which according to you will boost up your career.

Our trainers have vast knowledge in emerging fields like Tableau, AI, data science, machine learning, Data analytic, and Digital Transformation. They have expert skills which they are ready to share with their students apart from all these they have trained people in different regions of the world and hence they know the exact technique to make you understand the subject in detail. When you learning these subjects, you can be assured that you are in the safe hand of some expert in the particular field you want to train yourself.

Other than all these we provide you with a consultancy service too. Our experts help you by consulting with your company and addressing any problem in fields like cloud computing or Artificial Intelligence. Our consulting services have helped many companies to solve their problems easily.

Our journey to Educate and provide consulting service to companies are growing day by day, we believe that by education we can have an impact and can stand strong to make a change in our society. We are willing to provide you with Education that will make your life secure and will fetch you a job in this market.

We have created history by bagging nearly seven hundred and fifty-eight program awards till now for our work in the field of education and services. A total of more than nine hundred eighty-six digital laboratories have been established by us. Our effort and thirst for success have driven us to set a high standard in the market. We have also been blessed with thirty thousand goo students and five hundred sixty-nine parental reviews who has marked us an excellent brand in providing IT education to student and professionals from different backgrounds.

We promise daily to grow bigger and educate people in the field of IT. We have already set up a high standard for brand but all these are only possible because of our students and experts we thank them as they form the core of the heart of this company.

Why NewITNest?

NewITNest contributes a comprehensive portfolio of customizable supply chain analytics solutions to support business leaders to enhance supply chain planning, reduce excess spending, reduce wastage and excess inventory costs, advance the demand forecast, demand planning process, and thus the capacity planning process. NewITNest applies best-in-class processes, cutting-edge tools, and our broad domain supply chain analytics expertise to support businesses to transform their supply chain into a world-class business that is tailored for accomplishment.

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