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Retail Analytics

Retail analytics is the data-backed answers to all your questions related to the performance of your retail business. This includes data regarding inventory, sales, customer, leads, and everything else that you require an insight about.

Retail Analytics is a powerful tool in developing business strategy needed for your business development, including its promotion and acquisition choices.

We at New IT Nest help retail organizations to examine clients and their purchasing behavior across various channels and topographies. We help in analyzing the items and exchanges that happen at numerous channels. Furthermore, we examine information that is gathered by incorporating different touch focuses like POS, warehouse management systems, CMS, ERP, etc.

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How can Retail Analytics help you?

Inventory management by predicting purchase patterns

Retail analytics provide valuable insights about which products have a high demand and which ones don’t need restocking too often, etc. This helps a business to predict the future demands and purchase patterns, which in turn help in smart inventory stocking and management.

Improved market ROI

Retail Analytics also improves ROI. With the help of retail analytics, a store manager can successfully measure the effectiveness of different marketing and sales endeavors upon the customer’s purchase pattern, and can use this data to increase the most effective techniques, and improve upon the weak points.

Enhanced customer happiness

In similar ways, retail managers can also enhance customer happiness by investing on the most effective techniques that customers positively respond to, and help create a more satisfied and loyal customer base.

Helping in business expansion

When it comes to expanding a retail business by establishing new outlets, or introducing new product categories, Retail Analytics helps in these aspects too. By providing data-backed reports on current trends and successfully predicting future trends, Retail Analytics helps in business development in an effective way.

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