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Resume Cover Letter Writing

Did you know that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds on every resume to decide on its merit? And that is among the resumes that they shortlist! Every job post shared on recruitment platforms and online job boards receive about 100- 1000 times more applications than the number of vacancy in an average.

Scary, right?

Sometimes even after having all the right qualifications, you fail to make it to the interview round. The fault is in your resume because it can’t get past the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems). ATSs have some very unique criteria based on which they sort, parse, and rank relevant resumes. An actual human recruiter will then review only the top-ranking resumes.

If your resume is not optimized for ATS, chances are, a human recruiter won’t even know that you exist.

Don’t leave your chances of getting your dream job to chances. Get your resumes and cover letters written by professionals, and soar through the competition like a winner.

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Why get professional resume & cover letter writing services?

ATS-Approved Resumes and Cover Letters

Only a resume expert knows what works with ATS. Professional resume writing services will optimize your resume for any ATS bot out there and improve your chances of getting an interview calls up to 10x higher.

Proofread and Optimized

Spelling and grammar mistakes are the death knells for a resume and cover letter. Our expert writers will thoroughly proofread your resume and make necessary changes to improve the sentence constructions and readability of your documents.

Sleek and Professional Appearance

Resumes and cover letters must also be visually appealing. With professional resume writing services, you’ll receive extremely professional-looking, yet, aesthetically appealing resumes and cover letters.

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