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Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

An investment with a price to performance ratio so high that it holds the potential to redefine the way your organization does business.

Machine Learning as a Service can work wonders to make your Business not only future-proof but also open new doors for endless possibilities in the field of trading.

Most businesses today deal in big amounts of data and as more companies start moving their platforms to Cloud based infrastructure, the necessity to organize those data properly arises. MLaaS platforms (Machine Learning as a Platform) are essentially cloud providers who provide ways to accurately store data for machine learning experiments, data pipelining and make it easier to access and process the data. Amazon ML Services, Microsoft Azure ML Studio, Google Cloud Platform are some of the Machine Learning service providers around the world. Machine Learning services provides various important tools like

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  • Pre-trained AI Services like Natural Language processing where your system can understand and process day to day text and words
  • Building Time series forecasting models is the aspect where our clients can build models for Weather forecast, Market forecast and more.
  • Text to speech recognition is the service to help our clients’ system pcs to be able to recognize texts from spoken words through microphone
  • Anomaly Detector for apps helps to find any Server or, internal issues in a system if an app starts malfunctioning and helps to solve the problem.
  • Serverless Bot services for your connectivity aspect.
  • Data bricks services help our clients to unify their data and analytics Ecosystem.

Why Us?

Our Highly Customizable Services

New IT Nest provides some of the most unique Machine learning services that are designed keeping in mind of the specific requirements of our different clients. Whether it’s an Image and Video analytics service and processing service or, a Cloud platform to host and share curated open datasets, our services are highly customizable.

Highly Professional Servicemen

At New IT Nest, we hire some of the best minds in the industry and train them with Industry level professionalism in order to provide our clients the very best in class services that their businesses deserve.

Complete Maintenance Service

Once our clients and their firms are all set up with our set of Services and software, we provide them with our year long Service schemes to keep things running smoothly. Our clients can opt for our various Maintenance structures to enjoy a hassle-free services all year long.

24*7 Helpline Service and Warranty

Our helplines operate 24*7 in order to connect with our clients regarding any issues they face in their systems and our services are all covered under specific and respective warranty services.

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