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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has redefined the IT Industry in so many ways delivering Infrastructures and Platforms as a Service, providing mammoth Cloud Storages for Industrial firms, giving common users the ability to back up their devices or, synchronizing it with other devices, the list goes on.

At the New IT Nest, we have created a Cloud Computing training environment, perfect for every individual whether you are a college intern, graduate, small business owners or, aIT working professional.

Scope of our Cloud Computing Course: New IT Nest Cloud computing course guide our aspirants through basic ideas of Cloud-Enabling Technologies, Cloud Security, Cloud Infrastructures and Management, Cloud Computing Architectures. They can opt to learn it in Python, Ruby or, Java languages.

Practical infused with Theoretical Concepts: Within the span of our Cloud Computing course we thoroughly prepare our candidates with prolonged practical Language Coding hours to make them able to create, compile and run their own applications with ease. Along with these, our comprehensive course material includes several projects and workshops that students can opt for.

Preparing For Real Life Problems: In Industries like Information Technology (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure), Research and Development, Multimedia the concept and usages of Cloud is most prevalent. Needless to say, aspirants have to prepare themselves to work as Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Cloud Administrator. And to help with that preparation New IT Nest collaborate with our partners Amazon, IBM, Wipro to build industrial workshops for our students.

A Complete Guidance according to the Specific Needs of Candidates

Cloud Computing engineers work in various fields like Cloud Storage, Marketing Platforms, Cloud in Education, Healthcare, IT Consolidation, Government Citizen services. This prompted us to design our Cloud Computing Course keeping in mind the need of the industries like

Cloud Storage industry: like Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive

Marketing Cloud Platform: end-to-end digital marketing platforms for clients to manage their contacts and targets, like Adobe Marketing Cloud, Hub spot.

Cloud in Education: for school administration, Amazon Web Service for high school and primary education features a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution. The cloud allows instructors and students to access teaching and learning software on multiple synchronized devices.

Healthcare: like Dell’s Secure Healthcare Cloud

Entertainment and the constantly growing Gaming industry: that needs Cloud Computing engineers almost in all sectors.

Cloud Computing Course Curriculum

  • Cloud computing and its essential characteristics, history, the business case for cloud, and emerging technologies.
  • Hybrid Multicloud, Microservices, Serverless, DevOps and Application Modernization.
  • Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS) & Deployment models (Public, Private, Hybrid), and its infrastructure - VMs, Storage.
  • Learn to make a Cloud account and work with Cloud services like Object Storage, Data Storage.
  • To be able to work on/with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft AZURE, Google Drive.

What makes us the Best Cloud Training Institute in London?

  • Our Faculties: We make sure that whether you are a student or, working Professional, every aspirant gets individual attention during the course span. Our faculties make it easier for you to learn with ease providing individual care and doubt clearing sessions for all your queries.
  • Stepping in to the Industry: Closing the gap between course curriculum and Real Life industrial implementations is where we come in. For industrial work students require experience to work on Cloud Servers. Here at New IT Nest, we try to make sure at every step that our graduates are ready for field applications in any industry be it Hybrid Multi cloud Firms, Professional Game Developing Industry, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft AZURE, or, Healthcare firms.
  • Our Tech Community and Global Presence: We collaborate with the Industry’s leading firms Amazon, IBM, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, DELL, Wipro with to create comprehensive Workshops for our learners during their Cloud Computing course hours. We help our students to Design, Build and Implement their own Cloud Engineering Projects.


Aspirants often have this question in mind.

Cloud Engineering roles calculates an organization’s technology infrastructure and explore options for moving to the cloud. If the organization elects to move to the cloud, a cloud engineer gets to oversee the migration process.

Cloud Architecture roles focus on assembling the cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Development roles are focused on creating the functions, applications, or databases that run on the cloud.

Some of the leading organizations hiring in this field are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft AZURE, Healthcare firms like Dell’s Secure Healthcare CloudCloud services (Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service), Marketing Cloud Platform like Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Hub Spot. Of the 790,000 cloud computing jobs in the last 4 years, 45% of them also required skills in Amazon Web Services, and 29% required skills in Python.

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